8 Classic Advertising Agency Stereotypes

Ad Agency Stereotypes

I’ve been working in the industry for a minute now. Well actually 15 years. In this time I have come across several stereotypes. People that seem to be at every agency. I’m sure you’ve come across them too. I’ve taken a moment to list them below. Don’t worry, you’re not alone with these weirdos.

The Mother Hen

They’ve been at the agency for forever, they know everyone and everything. They guard the stationary cupboard like a hawk and are very weary of new freelancers. Whatever you do don’t cross the mother hen. She is not officially in charge of hiring and firing but she sure can get your arse fired in a second after a little chat with her old pals in upper management.

Black Clothes Guy

Usually head of design or some senior role. He’s very pretentious and really, really wants to be taken seriously. It’s a must that he always wears black. Design is a serious business you know. One must always wear black to show how serious things are. He’s a serious guy with a serious job to do.

The I.T. Nazi

Yes, you know him. Hell it’s practically every I.T. guy at every agency. Need to update Chrome? you must speak to the IT Nazi. Need to install a font? Oh you have to get that passed by Eric in I.T. Surly as they come and even more uptight than black clothes design guy.

Hands Free Suit Guy

Never sitting in his seat, always pacing the floor talking on his bluetooth hands free. Always on an ‘important call’ so be quiet yeah. Make no mistake he’s way more busy than you and he’s way more important than you. Turn that music down yeah he’s on an important call!

The Misfit Web Developer

Apparently he’s a genius coder, but don’t ask this guy where the toilets are as you’ll get some sarcastic quip back. Always wearing headphones and some how is immune to all company meetings including all-staffers. Lastly always remember do not approach him in person as he prefers all communication to come through Slack. Even when you’re sitting right next to him.

Early Woman

She’s always in before you. Hell she’s always in before everyone. Know one really talks to her when they get in as she’s way too busy to look away from that screen when you get in ‘late’ a 9am.

The Drinker

He’s that guy that starts drinking way before everyone else on a Friday afternoon. Typically he usually has a stash of assorted booze under his desk sometimes even owns his own personal bar fridge. He often works in the production department and is two hours away from suicide. That’s why he drinks to get through the day.

Silly Job Title Guy

No one actually knows what this guy does. He has a job title like ‘Digital Collaboration Enabler’ or ‘Social Infrastructure Consultant’. People mention him in meetings and you’re often told to ‘go talk to him’ about the brief you are working on. Apparently he can help and give you some great insights. Often seen pitching some amazingly whacky idea that never gets made.


So there you have it. We have all come across folks like this right? If you haven’t, you will any day now. Know another classic agency stereotype? let me know about them comments.


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